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Introducing the Resense Register

The Resense Register is a newspaper designed for individuals living with dementia. Backed by research, the Register is designed to replicate the sensory experience of opening a physical newspaper each day. By replicating the classic articles, puzzles, information, and more we hope it will bring comfort and familiarity to your clients / loved one.
The Register is a newspaper published every two weeks that will be delivered directly to your home or care community. It is printed on classic broadsheet (normal newspaper printing) to help replicate opening the newspaper each morning. The feel of the the newspaper and the content are a sensory experience that your loved one will enjoy.

Image of the Resense Register a dementia-friendly newspaper.
A man holding the Resense Register a dementia friendly newspaper.

Physical Paper

In our research, we found that many individuals missed opening up a newspaper every day. Newspapers are soothing and decreased agitation. So, by creating the Register we wanted to bring back that routine and activity of daily life and give them something that we know they will enjoy. Doing the same thing each day and adding structure has been proven to decrease agitation, restlessness, and aggression.

Unique Benefits

- Articles are timeless. There is no reference of dates or specific times to decrease frustration. Historical articles are based off of notable events.

- Large font: The Register has fonts that are 16+ pts. It is easy to read and easily accessible.

- Eliciting Long Term Memories: We have included articles that are specifically designed to reminisce. Ex. pets, gardening, cooking, etc.

- Crosswords: Large print, designed for seniors.

- Wordsearch: Large print, designed for seniors. Also, none of the words go past the 80's

A image of the dementia friendly newspaper, the Resense Register

“The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

With the Resense Register we are not only providing a boost of positivity each day for our readers. We are giving them an opportunity to reminisce, share stories, and make new memories with their loved ones.Learn more about Resense Register

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About Us

What started as a school project, is now a complete passion to bring comfort and joy to those living with dementia. Resense was a project born out of a class called Lean LaunchPad taught at Grove City College. Through the support of the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation, they were able to launch Resense as a business. Resense is currently run by Luke Gilligan, CEO. Since launching Resense has been the finalist in 4 national business competitions and took 5th place at E-Fest, taking home $10k in capital funding. They are continually looking to gain new partnerships and expand their product offerings, but the end goal has stayed the same: Bring comfort and joy to those living with Dementia and make an impact on dementia care.

Resense also has been showcased on Season 9: Episode 2 of Amazon Primes - Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch (Amazon's version of SharkTank)

Picture of the resense team. Luke Gilligan, Oliver Schwarz, Logan Mays, Noah Iversen.

Key Partner & Advisor

Dawn Wiggins, founder of New Dementians, leads the industry in designing supportive therapeutic dementia-capable environments, moments, and products. Working with Dawn has been the singular best decision Resense has made when it comes to creating our products and ensuring the best for our customers. Dawn has one goal: to think outside the box. She does not want us to do what every other dementia care company is doing. She wants us to create products that create lasting impact on not only the individual using them but also their families and care team. She pushes us to be different, but to always put our customers first and make sure they are our main priority, nothing else.

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Picture of the resense team. Luke Gilligan, Oliver Schwarz, Logan Mays, Noah Iversen.

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